Tucson Treasures!

Lovely in lilac - Kunzite with its signature crisp lavender/pink hue is named for famed gemologist George Frederick Kunz, who was the first to identify it as a unique variety of spodumene in 1902.

Take a look at these lovely lilac treasures we found in Tucson last week!

10mm beads - unusual color for beads!

natural crystals - ideal for creative pendants! Really cool: use as a statement pendant on the beads!

classic emerald cut - 38.99ct / 21.5 x 17.5mm KU4.5-3549

brilliant trillion - 27.54ct / 18 x 18mm KU4.5-3548

romantic pear - 20.57ct / 21.75 x 11.75mm KU45-5419

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