All work and no play, makes Jacko-lantern a dull boy!!!!

Yesterday was The last day of October, so you know what that meant ?? Yep, HALLOWEEN! I have to admit, it is my 2nd Fave day of the year, Xmas being first. Do you have a favorite day of the year? Such a fun day. I have traditions for HALLOWEEN that usually involves chilli or cheeseburger soup and HALLOWEEN cookie bars, Do you have a tradition? Usually sit on my porch with my lights and pumpkins lit and wait for all little ghosts and goblins to appear, this year, I did something a little different, it was my Grandsons first HALLOWEEN, so his Momma wanted to show him off. Rightfully so, he looked adorable! Dena took her son out too, around a neighborhood. It was a gorgeous night in Georgia, warm, but very fallesque! I hope it was a safe and happy time for everyone who participated, now today I have resisted eating the leftover candy bars, What are some of your favorites? I love Twix bars. So here in the office at JFG the countdown begins for the holidays, if any of our retail jeweler are needing a holiday store memo of different stones to show your customers, call us soon , we will put a selection together, we have years of experience on putting together these memos. We would love to help you anyway we can.

Here are a few pics of our families enjoying their Trick or Treat night. You can always share your pics on our FB page.

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