A Sky Full of Stars . .

Possessing a special optical phenomenon called asterism, this rare variety of sapphire is perfect for the discerning gemstone connoisseur. Gray to blue is by far the most popular color but star sapphires do occur in all colors such as pink, purple and white. (orange, yellow and green are not readily available)

From top to bottom/left to right:

14 x 10.75mm blue/gray oval weighing 11.62ct

8 x 6mm blue oval weighing 2.36ct

5.5 x 4.25mm blue pear weighing 0.66ct

6.25 x 4.75mm pink oval weighing 0.99ct

4.75mm matched pink rounds weighing 1.32cttw

12 x 9.25mm black oval weighing 8.09ct

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