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Elevate Your Services with Our Expertise

Expert Repairs

J. Frank Golden & Associates is happy to offer a wide range of repair services to eleviate your backlog of repairs or if you don't offer repair services in-house. We have been a trusted leader in the industry for decades and would love to talk to you about your jewelry repair needs.

Stone Replacements

Utilizing our extensive inventory of high-quality colored gemstones, J. Frank Golden & Associates conveniently offers expert stone replacement services. Our service is designed to restore the beauty and integrity of jewelry pieces by accurately matching and replacing missing or damaged stones.

IDs and Appraisals

If you need assistance with identifying a stone or appraisals for stones and jewelry, J. Frank Golden & Associates has you covered. Put our expertise to work for you. Our in-house Graduate Gemologist is one of the best in the business and can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your gemstones and jewelry.

Bead Stringing

Quick and easy bead stringing services from J. Frank Golden & Associates provides you with a trusted partner for all your stringing needs. Our in-house stringing service makes it easy for you to offer the same service to your clients.

Marble Surface

Elevate your Services with Our Expertise

Custom Jewelry

Rely on J. Frank Golden & Associates to bring custom jewelry design to your list of services. If you don't have a bench jeweler or perhaps they are backed up with work, we can help you deliver custom designed pieces to your clients. We have been a trusted leader in the industry for decades and can deliver personal design services to you in custom made pieces.

Lapidary Services

After 50+ years in the gemstone business we have used many of the best cutters available. We are happy to offer lapidary services for your stone cutting needs from our trusted sources in the industry. 

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