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Glass-Corundum Composite Ruby

Glass-corundum composites are the result of filling surface reaching factures and cavities of opaque, poor quality corundum rough with highly refractive leaded tinted glass, vastly improving color and apparent clarity, before fashioning into faceted stones or cabochons. In glass-corundum composites, the amount of filler glass is significant, sometimes reaching 30-40%. The original ruby rough this material is created from is too opaque and too fractured to the extent that it would have been difficult or impossible to cut and would have no appeal or value as fashioned “gems”. This treatment, although producing a product that is attractive and affordable, is NOT stable. Moderate heat from a jeweler’s torch and the acid in a jeweler’s pickle will severely damage or destroy these “rubies”. These stones are priced according to their resulting appearance and are readily available in a wide variety of sizes – including 10+ carats. They are drastically more affordable than traditional heat treated and minimally glass filled rubies. This type of treatment should always be disclosed along with its special care requirements.

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