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Named for the Greek word “cyanos”, meaning blue, kyanite is one of the most attractive intense blue gems found in nature. Evocative of top gem quality blue sapphires, this unusual collector’s gem is not widely known because it’s color is frequently inconsistent within the crystal and it is quite challenging for gem cutters because it is strongly anisotropic, meaning it has a different hardness along each of its two crystal axes. The hardness of kyanite is 4 - 4.5 (Mohs scale) along the long axis and 6 - 7 along the short axis. This beautiful blue gem is perfect for pendants and earrings; however, great care should be taken when worn in a ring due to its variable hardness. Although not designated as a birthstone or anniversary stone, kyanite in its rarest form - consistent cobalt blue and free of eye visible inclusions - is highly desirable. Gem quality kyanite is mined primarily in Brazil.

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