Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle™

Add a little teal apatite to your sparkle! JFG has beautiful apatites in teal - a very desirable color! Contact us for more info on teal gems of any type.

Amazing Fire Agate!

Fire agate with its distinctive fiery "oil slick" appearance is a true connoisseur's gem! Exquisitely hand crafted 18K yellow gold rings showcasing equally exquisite fire agates! Both are one-of-a-kind pieces with unisex styling. Breathtaking and rare! Call us for more info on these rings, loose fire agates and other unusual pieces set with colored stones.

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Unique rectangular clear quartz with peculiar iron oxide dendritic inclusions. Measuring 21.75 x 13.5mm and weighing 19.00 carats, this stone is perfect for an impressive pendant or ring. Very affordable for a one-of-a-kind stone! JFG has all types of odd and interesting gems - contact us for more info!


Pretty in pink with interesting striated patterns (known in the trade as the bacon strip effect!), the national gemstone of Argentina is available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Mostly cut into cabochons although the occasional faceted transparent gem can be found. Contact JFG for more info on this lovely and unusual gem.


JFG has zircons in a rainbow of colors! Contact us with your needs!

Engage with Pink!

Bridal today is anything but the same old diamond so engage with pink! Gemstones that is - such as tourmaline, sapphire, and morganite or create with the more unusual: kunzite or zircon. JFG is your source for pink gemstones - contact us for more info!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Intriguing square sapphire with step faceting and a highly desirable teal color - weighing 2.68 carats and measuring 8 x 7.5mm. Contact us for more info on this and other teal sapphires!

Beach Blues

JFG has turquoise in lots of sizes and in a variety of looks - with matrix or without. Contact us for more info!

Charismatic Chrysoberyl

Beautiful, clean and brilliant with a distinctive yellowish green color, chrysoberyl is a vastly underappreciated gem. With a hardness of 8 ½ and excellent toughness, this lively stone is great for jewelry and is extremely well priced! Not nearly as well known as its phenomenal family members alexandrite and catseye, it has flown under the radar far too long! JFG has a nice inventory of smaller to medium size faceted stones - contact us for more details.

Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle™

We absolutely LOVE these tropical fruit themed earrings showcasing pink and yellow sapphires! JFG has pink and yellow sapphires in a wide array of sizes and shapes so you can add a little color to your creative sparkle! Contact us for more info.

Inspired By Nature

Sunny yellow and fiery red - a beautiful and bold color combination inspired by nature! JFG has a great selection of yellow gems (i.e.: sapphire, citrine, heliodor and zircon) and red gems (i.e.: ruby, garnet, spinel, tourmaline and zircon) as singles and matched pairs. Contact us today with your needs!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Well proportioned emerald cut peridot with a deep shade of the gem's signature citrusy green color. Weighs 4.84 carats and measures 11 x 9mm. Contact JFG for more info on this and other beautiful peridots!

Blue & Green

Perennially popular blue & green combine beautifully in these bi-colored gems: boulder opal, chrysocolla, azurmalachite and labradorite. Contact JFG today for more info on these and other blue/green stones!

The Spinel Spectrum

The latest addition to the August Birthstone line-up is spinel. Available in a wide variety of colors from gray to purple to blue to pink to orange and red, spinel is durable, usually eye clean and brilliant. JFG has the spinel spectrum so contact us with your needs!

Diamonds Are Whatever

Add a little color to your engagement sparkle with colored gemstones! After all, diamonds are - well, so whatever. (But they do make great accent stones!) If you're looking for color, JFG has it. With over 50 years as purveyors of loose colored gemstones to the industry, we have amassed an enormous inventory - so contact us with ALL your colored stone needs!

Watermelon Slices

The perfect summer treat - watermelon slices! JFG has beautiful tourmaline crystal slices in mouth-watering watermelon hues! Most with traditional pink centers with green rinds and a select group with reverse colorways: green centers with pink rinds - Contact us today for more info before these sweet treats are gone!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! 3.00 carat emerald cut green sapphire with crisp faceting and on-trend lighter color measuring 9.5 x 7.25mm. Contact us for more info on this and other green sapphires!

The New Look of Bridal

Exciting new trends in bridal and JFG has the stones! Watermelon tourmaline, Rose de France amethyst, bi-color sapphire and rutilated quartz shown below in freshly creative bridal styles. Contact us for more info!

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