Inspired By Nature

Yellow and green - it's a beautiful combination - specially as matched pairs! Shown below are faceted amber and emeralds. JFG has a great selection of yellow and green gems and matched pairs. Contact us today with your needs!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Gorgeous 3.51 carat black opal with a magnificent display of color in broad flashes of green, purple, blue, yellow and orange! Contact us for more info on this and other black opals.

Sapphire Jewelry

JFG has beautiful, well priced sapphire necklaces! Shown: Blue Skies with two Ceylon sapphires, Ombre' with four light to dark sapphires and Midnight with a very large pear cut dark blue sapphire accented with diamonds. All are one-of-a-kind - call for more info!

Oldies But Goodies

Need a replacement stone for a vintage piece? JFG has all types of "oldies" in our extensive inventory. From beads to Masonics to mosaic opals to scarabs and tigereye warrior head cameos, we've got you covered. Contact us with your needs!

Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle™

Add a little Caribbean blue to your sparkle! JFG has ocean-hued gems such as sapphire, kyanite, topaz, apatite, tourmaline, zircon, turquoise and of course - aquamarine whose very name means "sea water"!

Madagascar Star Sapphires

Funky, unique, oddly beautiful . . whatever term you use to describe Madagascar star sapphires, these stars rock! Exhibiting growth zoning in interesting patterns, a beautiful blue color with unique inclusions and strong 6-ray asterism, these unusual stars have their own individual personalities. AND THEY'RE EXCEPTIONALLY AFFORDABLE!! Contact us today for a memo selection!

Wednesday WOW!!

Rings that make you say WOW!! JFG has a great selection of finished rings featuring large gemstone centers - topaz, emerald and aquamarine shown below.

Black & White

Stones with the dramatic contrast of black and white! JFG has several options available such as tourmalinated quartz and dendritic quartz - contact us for more info!

Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle™

Add a lot of colors to your sparkle with tropics-inspired hues such as these displayed in the unique creations below! Whether it's popular stones in easy-to-set calibrated size/shapes or more unusual gems for one-of-a-kind pieces, JFG is your source for ALL colored stones!

Lab Created Ruby

JFG has lab created rubies in a large variety of sizes and shapes. Not to be confused with imitation or simulated "rubies", lab created ruby is true synthetic ruby created in a laboratory and has the same chemical and optical properties as genuine ruby created by nature.

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Radiant cut tourmaline in a refreshing shade of mint green measuring 9 x 7mm and weighing 2.37 carats. Contact JFG for m

Here Comes The Sun!

Put on your shades because you're going to need them when you admire these sunny yellow beauties! Matched pair cushion faceted yellow amber and oval heliodor. 😎

Stormy Blue Indicolite

Got the Monday blues? Indicolite tourmaline in a moody shade of blue reminiscent of storm clouds. JFG has indicolites in a variety of shapes, sizes and blues - contact us for more info!

Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle™

Add the passionate hue of red to your sparkle! JFG has a large selection of rubies, rhodolite garnets, rubellite tourmalines, spinels, almandite garnets and zircon to help you create your own exotic creations! Contact us with your needs.

Bi-Color Grossularites

JFG has a small selection of bi-colored grossularites available. These unique green garnets have a definite color separation of mint green and grass green. All emerald cut, in order to display their colors best, these garnets are both affordable and desirable. Contact us today!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Four stunning Burmese (Myanmar) rubies with GRS origin reports - all described as pigeon blood red in their reports with weights from 2.01 to 3.02 carats. Gorgeous!

Seeing Stars

JFG has loose star sapphires in all shades of blue - and other colors too! We also have a nice selection of star sapphire rings - contact us for more info!

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