Tourmalinated Quartz Pairs

We have matched pairs of tourmalinated quartz in hard-to-find standard sizes! Contact us today for more info!

Got An "Apatite" For Color?

Check out these beautiful apatites in a rainbow of colors! From violet to sunny yellow to rosy pink to spring green to neon teal and blue - we've got an apatite to whet your appetite!! Call us for more details on these and other gems!

Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle™

Add a little GREEN to your sparkle! We are in love with this delightful mix of greens in these creative pieces! JFG can help you add a little green to your sparkle with loose emeralds, tsavorites, peridot, tourmaline and chrome diopside and more. We have a vast inventory - call us today!

Candy Cabs - Part II

JFG has a large inventory of cabochons in a wide variety of gems - such as apatite, iolite, peridot, citrine, aquamarine, swiss blue topaz and blue chalcedony. Call us today!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Bi-color sapphires in interesting color combos: yellow and blue, yellow and green and green and blue. JFG has them in various shapes - including hexagons! Call us for more info!

Carved Faces

We have cabochons in assorted gems, shapes and sizes - with carved faces! Call for more info.

Matched Pairs

JFG has matched pairs in the lively sun drenched hues of summer! Contact us for more info on these or other matched pairs! citrine, pink sapphire, peridot, blue zircon:

Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle™

Add a little color to your pearls too! Drop-dead gorgeous, this dazzling pair of South Sea Pearl earrings bedecked with gems in vibrant spring hues is to die for! JFG has a vast inventory of loose colored gems in all varieties! Call us today!

Going Gray

JFG is going gray! We have a nice selection of steely hued spinels - call us for info!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Square radiant amethyst with crisp cutting, a pretty grape-purple hue and weighing 9.48 carats and measuring 13 x 13mm. Call JFG with more info on this and other amethysts!

Lab Created Alexandrite

JFG has lab created alexandrites in a large variety of sizes and shapes. Not to be confused with imitation or simulated "alexandrites", lab created alexandrite is true synthetic alexandrite created in a laboratory and has the same chemical and optical properties as genuine alexandrite created by nature. Contact us for your lab created needs as well as geniune! 12 x 10mm emerald cut shown

Gray Trapiche Sapphires

Really cool! Looking for the unusual? JFG has a small parcel of very interesting natural sapphire slices and cabochons in silvery gray with darker gray trapiche "wheel" zoning. Each one is unique - all are very affordable. Call us today for more info!

Fresh Citrus!

Gems in citrusy hues of mandarin orange, lemon yellow and lime green! Very refreshing! Peridot, lime quartz, heliodor, sapphire, citrine and spessartine garnet shown. Contact us for more info!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Cushion sapphire in a gorgeous raspberry hue weighing 2.52 carats and measuring 9 x 7mm with lab report. Call JFG for more info on this beauty!


We have ready-to-sell pearl necklaces! Call us for more details . .

June's Birthstone

This phenomenal color-change variety of chrysoberyl is the birthstone for those lucky enough to be born in June. Shown below: Cushion - 1.53ct @ 6.40 x 5.80mm Oval - 1.12ct @ 7.33 x 4.91mm

Violet Blues

JFG has the violet blues from tanzanite to sapphire to violet hued black opals to agate and everything in between. Add a little color to your sparkle with violet blue gemstones from JFG!!


JFG has genuine stone beads as strands and as individuals (both half and full drilled) in a wide variety of sizes and stone types such as: amethyst, aventurine, black onyx, carnelian, coral, garnet, hematite, lapis, malachite, mother-of-pearl, nephrite, rose quartz, jasper, snowflake obsidian, tiger eye and turquoise as well as sunstone (manmade glass with reflective granules of copper oxide). Call us for info!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Modified trillion alexandrite with excellent color change from teal green in fluorescent light to plum purple in incandescent light! Weighing 0.64 carat and measuring 6.42 x 4.79 x 3.28mm, this phenomenal beauty is accompanied by a GAL report.

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