Once quite popular in ladies bracelets, scarabs are carved gemstones representing the scarab beetle. Scarab beetles were sacred to ancient Egyptians and the image is still considered a symbol of eternity and good luck. Need scarabs for repairs? Call JFG with your needs!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! 15.75ct oval citrine with an eye catching internal glow reminiscent of embers. Call JFG for more info on this and other gorgeous, well faceted citrines!

40 Shades of Green from The Congo

With its endless variations of patterns and shades of green, malachite from Democratic Republic of the Congo is beautifully interesting and very affordable. We love how malachite adds unique color to sparkle!

The Night Sky Necklace

Well crafted in sterling silver, The Night Sky necklace features a velvety midnight blue sapphire weighing 2.68 carats crowned by a trio of vivid yellow princess-cut sapphires with a total weight of 0.35 carat. 18" chain included. Call JFG for more info!

The Brooks Ring

Solid, with contemporary style, Brooks is beautifully crafted in 18K yellow gold and set with a 13.42 carat Ethiopian opal with vivid multi-color flash fire. One-of-a-kind custom made piece of art in finger size 10 1/2. Quite stunning! Contact JFG for more info!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Everything's just peachy when you gaze into this beautiful peach tourmaline. Cushion cut beauty with a lovely blush hue. Nicely sized at 6.40 carats. Call JFG for more info!

JFG Has Pearl Jewelry!

JFG has finished pearl necklaces and earrings! We also carry individual pearls of all shapes, sizes, colors and varieties! Call us today for more info!!

Colombian Emerald with GIA Report

Beautiful 2.69 carat emerald of Colombian origin with GIA report. JFG has a nice selection of Colombian emeralds - call us for more info!

Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle™

Add a little green to your sparkle! A beautiful mix of emeralds and tsavorites make up the cascading greenery that decorates the Palladian window and balcony of this unusual brooch. Very elegant!

Carved Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Beautifully crafted in sterling silver, the Rosa Earrings are set with carved pink tourmaline tablets with a floral motif. Contact us for more info on these and other earrings!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Cushion 3.97 carat sphene (also called titanite) in a yellow-green with dazzling fireworks of green, orange and yellow dispersion, or fire. Breathtaking in sunlight! Contact JFG for more info!

The Lillian Necklace

Vivid Burmese ruby, verdant green chrome tourmaline and sunny yellow citrine affordably priced necklace, hand crafted in sterling silver. Call us for more info! oval ruby - 5.30 carat cushion chrome tourmaline - 0.64 carat trillion citrine - 0.64 carat

Emerald Bead Necklace

Another way to wear May's birthstone! Emerald bead necklace with 64.28 carats of beads measuring 2.5-7.5mm in a pretty shade of medium green. Contact us for more info on these and other beads.

Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle™

This spectacular rose brooch is a favorite of ours with its gorgeous use of rosy pink sapphires! JFG is here to help you add a little color to your sparkle!

Candy Cabs

Resembling luscious gumdrops, these candy colored sapphire, ruby and emerald cabochons are affordable and trendy alternatives to large faceted gems. Sapphire pair: 13 x 10mm Ruby set: 12 x 10mm and 7mm Emeralds: 10 x 8 - 12 x 8mm

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Beautifully faceted pear shaped natural peacock tanzanite with an iridescent appearance featuring violet, blue and green colorways. This unusual beauty measures 9.75 x 7mm and weighs 2.15 carats. Contact JFG for more info on this and other peacock tanzanites.

NEW at JFG - Lab Synthetic Diamonds

Due to popular demand, JFG now has lab created synthetic diamonds! We have all shapes in sizes from 0.50 carat to 5 carats - all with reports. Call us today for more info!


Faceted chrysoberyl in lively shades of greenish yellow to yellowish green. Clean and durable with a hardness of 8 1/2 and a toughness of excellent to good, this collector's gem is perfect for those seeking a wearable, affordable stone whose beauty needs no enhancements. Contact JFG for more info on faceted chrysoberyl!

Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle™

Gorgeous earrings with an art deco motif featuring May's birthstone - emerald accented by blue, pink and yellow sapphires. JFG can help you add a lot of color to your sparkle - contact us today!

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