Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle™

Be adventuresome, be unique, be YOU by adding color to your sparkle! JFG has been help jewelers add color to their sparkle for over 50 years - give us a call or shoot us an email!!

More Tucson Treasures!

An array of beautiful American turquoise in singles and matched pairs! Contact us for more info. Sorry - the adorable alpacas are not for sale! 😁

Wednesday WOW!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Ripe and luscious, this gorgeous cushion rhodolite garnet with an arresting raspberry color measures 10.5mm x 9.75mm and weighs 7.06 carats. Delectable! Contact JFG for more info on this and other rhodolites.

The Carnivale Necklace

A festival of color for Mardi Gras! The 14K white gold jewel-toned Carnivale Necklace features a vivid green triangular step-cut tsavorite garnet weighing 1.73 carats, a round sunshine-yellow citrine and rosy-purple amethyst. 18" 14K white gold cable chain. Contact JFG for more info on our colored stone jewelry!

Happy Birthday Frank!

It's a milestone birthday year for Frank! From working at AFES to teaching at GIA to starting a company selling colored stones to NEVER missing a year at Tucson! Here's to 50+ years in the biz! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🎉✨🎈💖

A Rose By Any Other Name . .

Gems in rose inspired hues - from softest blush to clearest pink: Pink tourmaline, blush morganite, rose zircon and rose apatite. Call us today for more info!

Wednesday WOW!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Beautiful tourmaline measuring 11.5 x 9mm and weighing 4.31 carats in a luscious shade of rosy purple! We have a huge selection of tourmalines in all colors, shapes and sizes. Call us for more details!

Bi-Color Tanzanite

Tanzanites with an interesting color combo of spring green and hydrangea blue! Call us for more info on these and other bi-colored gems!

Teal Treasures from Tucson!

We're back with lots of exciting finds from Tucson such as these beautiful chrysocolla cabs with high polish and gorgeous faceted teal tourmaline pairs. WOW! Stay tuned for more finds . . . Contact us for more info!!

Wednesday WOW!!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Lavender amethyst in an opposed bar cushion cut weighing 17.78 carats and measuring 24.5 x 12.75mm. We have a nice selection of unusual cuts and faceting - call us today!

Think Pink!

Delightful pink tourmaline oval weighing 2.59 carats and measuring 10.75 x 7.25mm. We have quite a variety of pink gems available - including tourmaline, sapphire, spinel, topaz, morganite, kunzite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz and pearls! Call us today!

Trapiche Amethyst

Matched pairs and singles of trapiche amethyst slices in larger sizes. Unique and very affordable!

Icy Pastels

Beautiful gems in icy pastel hues . . L to R: Aquamarine oval - 8.5 x 4.5mm Mint Tourmaline square cushion - 7 x 7mm Round Rose de France Amethyst - 7mm Yellow Sapphire Pear - 9 x 5mm

Wednesday WOW!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Gorgeous 6.15 ct beautifully faceted trillion amethyst in an intense shade of royal purple with raspberry flashes. Measuring 13 x 13mm, this beauty queen has everyting going for her!

Amethyst - Birthstone For February

February's birthstone amethyst is available from pastel lavender - known as "Rose De France" - to intense deep velvety purple. JFG has this royal gem in all shapes, sizes and shades! Contact us with your needs!

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