Ethiopian Fire Opal

Very Impressive Ethiopian Fire Opal rings from JFG! Contact us for more info on these and other pieces of opal jewelry.


We have a nice selection of rhodochrosite cabs with beautiful striated patterns in shades of rosy pink. Mined in Argentina (it's the official national gemstone!), this unusual gem's unique appearance is referred to as the "bacon strip" effect. Beautiful - and yummy!

Wednesday WOW!

Stones that make you say WOW! Vibrant, sunny yellow sapphire with 2 reports: GAL & GIA. 5.50ct square cushion measuring 10.98 x 10.54mm. Heat but no Be diffusion. Contact us for more info!

The Adelaide Necklace

Large (32 x 32mm) square Siberian Mammoth Tooth tablet wire wrapped in gold filled wire on gold filled 18" rolo chain. Affordable uniqueness! Contact JFG for more info on the Adelaide and other unusual/one-of-a-kind necklaces!

Ceylon Sapphire

Featured as a July Wednesday WOW, this true cornflower-blue Ceylon (Sri Lanka) sapphire was set by us into a customer's ring for one of our stores. The result was nothing short of magnificent! See what JFG can do for you to add a little more color to your customer's sparkle!

Wednesday WOW!

Stones that make you say WOW!! Absolutely gorgeous Ceylon sapphire in a vivid ultramarine blue measuring 11 x 7mm and weighing 4.56 carats. Contact JFG for more info on this and other sapphires.

Matched Pairs

JFG has matched pairs in rich vivid colors! Contact us for more info on these and other matched pairs! blue sapphire, tsavorite garnet, pink tourmaline and golden topaz

Dendritic Turquoise Pendant

Quite unusual sterling silver pendant with rectangular dendritic turquoise in shades of aqua blues and mossy greens with black dendrites. 18" chain. One-of-a-kind!

New Cutting - Square Cushions!

JFG has new cutting - just in from the factory - in highly sought after square cushion shapes ranging from 4 x 4 to 10 x 10mm. Contact us for info!

Blue Velvet

Gorgeous velvety blue cushion sapphire weighing 2.44 carats and measuring 9 x 7mm.

Wednesday WOW!

Stones that make you say WOW! Impressive 444.55ct natural sapphire Quan Yin carving measuring 3 1/4" tall and 2" wide. With report. Magnificent!

Throwback Thursday

Remember these? Unusual assembled stones mixing different materials into one gem. Generally found as tablets and cabochons but rarely faceted. JFG has a small number of these oddities in stock. Inexpensive conversation starters for your store! Shown below: Oval with garnet, citrine and amethyst Emerald cut with peridot garnet and citrine

Azurmalachite Cabs

Ultramarine azurite combined with verdant green malachite. Each stone is a natural work of art! Contact JFG for these and other cabochons!

NEW! Large Square Cushions

JFG has a great selection of newly cut large square cushions in a variety of mm sizes and in a variety of stones. Contact us for details! Blue topaz, iolite, kunzite, lime quartz, amethyst, citrine and prasiolite shown.

Celebrate Sapphire!

JFG has an extensive inventory of sapphires in all colors of the rainbow! Lucky are those born in September! Contact us with all your gemstone needs and desires . . 😍

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