Throwback Thursday

Remember these? Like colorful stained glass windows for jewelry, mosaic opal stones are tiny pieces of opal cemented to a black onyx base. Once popular as an affordable substitute for solid opals, mosaic opals have faded into obscurity. JFG has a nice variety of shapes and sizes. Call us for more info!

Wednesday WOW!

Transparent faceted rhodochrosite in a lovely shade of strawberry red. Rhodochrosite is commonly seen as opaque stones or carvings in striated pinks with a strong resemblance to bacon (yum!), therefore transparent rhodochrosite is quite rare. This very unusual oval measures 13.25 x 10.25mm and weighs 7.46 carats! Stones that make you say WOW!

Happy Memorial Day!

We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all veterans who have served our country. If not for veterans, we would not be able to enjoy the many freedoms we have. Too frequently we take these freedoms and veteran's service for granted. In memory of those who died in the ultimate act of sacrifice, we at JFG salute ALL veterans. God bless our past and present veterans and the USA!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Have a great Memorial Day - and don't forget to take a moment this weekend to remember those who died in the act of service to our country!

Add A Little Color To Your Sparkle!™

Why settle for a colorless stone as the focal point of your engagement ring? Add a little color to you sparkle and let your unique personality shine. JFG is here to help!

Wednesday WOW!

Stones that may you say WOW! If you're hunting an unusual gemstone, search no further! JFG has an incredible chrysoberyl. Bright and lively, with a checkerboard faceted crown, this lemon-lime hued oval measures 17.75 x 10.75mm and weighs 10.43 carats. Contact us for more info.

The Blue Skies Necklace

Blue skies smiling at me Nothing but blue skies - do I see . . . Beautiful and well priced sky blue Ceylon sapphire pendant in silver with 18" silver chain. The two round sapphires measure 6mm and 6.8mm with a total weight of 2.46 carats. Call JFG for more details!

Lab Created Emeralds

JFG has lab created emeralds in a large variety of sizes and shapes. Not to be confused with imitation or simulated "emeralds", lab created emeralds are true synthetic emeralds created in a laboratory and have the same chemical and optical properties as genuine emeralds created by nature. Contact us for your lab created needs as well as genuine! 10 x 8mm checkerboard radiant cut shown

Tourmalinated Quartz

Visually striking clear quartz with black tourmaline needle inclusions, this graphic gem is perfect for those wanting jewelry that is markedly distinctive. The needles occur in random patterns making each stone truly one-of-a-kind. Available in faceted, cabochon and briolettes. Call JFG for info!

Chrome Tourmaline

When green tourmalines have chromium in their composition, the resulting shade of green is a gorgeous, richly vivid hue evocative of finest emerald. JFG has chrome tourmalines in a variety of shapes and sizes - call for more info!

Wednesday WOW!

Stones that make you say WOW! As we are in the month of May, this Wednesday's WOW highlights an exceptional emerald in JFG's extensive inventory. This deep green beauty weighs 6.59 carats and measures 11.54 x 10.65 x 6.48. It is accompanied by both a GIA and a GAL report.

Coral Necklace/Bracelet Set

Necklace and bracelet set with 3.5mm warm orangy-pink coral beads with 14K yellow gold beads and clasp at a great price! 18" necklace / 7" bracelet Contact JFG for more info!

Happy Mother's Day!

A special shout-out from JFG to all the great moms out there! A huge thanks for putting up with us when we were kids! 😍😘

Cabochon Emeralds

We have cabochon emeralds in a variety of shapes and sizes including matching pairs. Contact us for more info!

Garden Greens

Beautiful faceted gems in lovely hues of garden green: prasiolite, tourmaline, sapphire, grossularite, tsavorite, peridot, sphene and green beryl are shown. Contact us for a memo selection of fresh greens from JFG's gemstone garden!

Wednesday WOW!

You don't need to travel to the islands to see Caribbean blue! Study this Paraiba tourmaline and be hypnotized into thinking you're on an exotic beach gazing into electric blue waters stretching to a far away horizon . . . . Oval Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil measuring approximately 10 x 8mm and weighing 2.40 carats. With GIA report. Stones that make you say WOOOOOOOOOW!!

Maw-Sit-Sit - Beautifully Rare!

We have maw-sit-sit from Myanmar (Burma) in a saturated emerald/fine jade-like green with slight veining and striking black markings. Beautiful and quite rare. Single stones and matched pairs in ovals, pears and freeform shapes - contact JFG today!

Happy Cinco de Mayo Ya'll!

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at our favorite Mexican Cantina today and in honor of our neighbors, even further south than us, in Mexico, we're offering a special discount on red and green tourmalines this week! Contact us for details!

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