Rare Maw-Sit-Sit

Maw-sit-sit from Myanmar (Burma). Saturated jade-like green with slight veining. Beautiful and quite rare!

Pink Tourmaline

Ranging from soft baby pink to bubblegum to "hot pink" and fuchsia - and every shade between - pink tourmalines are the quintessential pink gemstone.

Green Tourmaline

Ranging from light to dark, yellowish green to green to slightly bluish green with descriptive terms such as mossy, olive, hunter, and forest, these green gems - although traditionally cut into rectangular shapes - are also quite stunning in round and ovals.

Parti-Color Tourmaline

Exhibiting exciting color combos in one faceted gem, these unique tourmalines are available in small to large sizes, almost always in rectangular shapes to showcase their individual colors. Green, clear and pink gems are commonly referred to as "watermelon".

Frank Alert!!!

Frank Alert!! Step away from the bench Frank, that won't fit in your suitcase!! Frank is sitting on a 4,500lb Amethyst Geode! He likes to show off the unique finds in Tuscon. Dena and Ella will be joining him tomorrow, they will be meeting with customers. Remember, if you need something specific, call Dena. She maybe able to find it in Tuscon. Everyone keep an eye out for Frank and snap those pics!!

Frank is on the way!!!!

Frank is headed to the Tuscon Gem and Mineral show, 2019!! His 51st trip, BOLO and take a photo with him and feel free to share it with us on our FB page or Instagram @jfg3011.

Amethyst for Sweethearts

We've got beautiful amethyst for your customer's sweethearts ranging from delicate Rose de France to deepest purple. Valentine's Day is only 2 weeks away!

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