Unique Trios

We have trios and suites in most gemstones - most in calibrated sizes! Pictured are 4 very unique trios . . From top to bottom: Black Opal with Blue/Violet Play-of-Color Lime Green Beryl Blue Chalcedony Boulder Opal

Beautiful Beryls

Beauties from the beryl family - lovely! Clockwise from 1:00: Morganite Oval Heliodor Oval Unheated Aquamarine Emerald Cut Round Green Beryl

Unusual Gems

Along with a broad inventory in more traditional color, we also have nontraditional and unusual stones. From top to bottom: Pink Topaz Oval Yellow Sapphire Pear Hessonite Matched Pair Rounds Chrysoberyl Pear

Dendritic Quartz Suite

Unique and colorful - a suite of dendritic quartz in standard sizes - easy to set in time for Christmas!

Beautiful Matched Pairs

Matched pairs in traditional ruby, emerald and sapphire - still time to create Christmas joy! From top to bottom: Marquise Ruby Square Emerald Cut Emerald Square Radiant Cut Sapphire

A Very Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone this is Frank Golden, Owner of J Frank Golden and Associates. Thanking you all for the Past, Present and Future business. We are looking forward to great New Year!!!!

Mardi Gras in December!

Beautiful matched pairs in Mardi Gras colors - beautiful vivid hues! From top to bottom: Almandine Garnet Citrine Tsavorite Garnet Amethyst

Just a friendly reminder...

Hey Y'all we have a few more shipping days before the Holidays, We offer Overnight AM and PM deliveries, Please call, email or message us, we will get those orders filled and out to you. We can't wait to help you with all your colored stone needs !!

Fancy Sapphire Pairs

Beautiful sapphire matched pairs in saturated hues - still time before Christmas to make earrings! From left to right: Lilac Pears Raspberry Emerald Cuts Yellow Princess Cuts

Vibrant Color for Christmas!

It's not too late to get beautiful colored gems from JFG for Chirstmas! From top to bottom: Raspberry Sapphire Citrine Tsavorite Garnet Pair of matched Parti-Color Tourmalines

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