Lovely In Lavender

Sapphires in lovely shades of lavender to lilac to plum and purple. From top to bottom: 7.25 x 5.5mm oval weighing 1.44ct 10 x 4.5mm matched marquises weighing 2.23cttw 8.5 x 4.5mm oval weighing 0.96ct 7 x 5mm radiant weighing 1.30ct

Garden Greens

Brilliant and unusual, green sapphire are available in verdant shades. From top to bottom: 5.75 x 4mm oval weighing 0.61ct 7.5mm round weighing 2.10ct 5.5mm matched pair rounds weighing 1.54cttw 5.75 x 4.75mm emerald cut weighing 0.92ct 7.25 x 5.75mm oval weighing 1.14ct


Rare and highly coveted, these three blushing beauties are accompanied by reports. From top to bottom: 5mm round weighing 0.57ct 6.75 x 4.5mm oval weighing 0.71ct 7.75 x 7mm oval star padparadscha - EXTREMELY RARE!!

This week in the office

Ella our Gemologist took a vacation for her 10th Wedding Anniversary and her Birthday, she went to South Dakota, MT Rushmore, Crazy Horse were amongst some of the cool places she got to visit, she came back to the office today, so we celebrated her birthday, with lots of goodies!! We would like to take a moment to wish all those who were affected by Hurricane Florence, my Daughter, and family, evacuated Camp Lejeune, they came to Georgia, they got reports from their friends, that their homes were being damaged from water coming through the ceilings of their homes, my daughter headed back today, and pray here home will not have damage. Sending prayers to everyone affected from this storm.

Trendy Teal

Teal sapphires in light to deep shades are trending and JFG has a huge selection! From top to bottom: 5.5mm round weighing 0.87ct 6mm round matched pair weighting 2.08cttw 7 x 5mm radiant weighting 0.93ct 9.5 x 6mm oval weighting 2.51ct

In the Office

Here we are near the end of the 2nd week of September, the weather in Georgia is still dry and warm, but we are bracing ourselves for the Wrath of Florence!!! Yikes!! We will be getting downpours of rain, hopefully no flooding, I, have my Daughter and her family here this week, they were evacuated from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Praying that everyone who is affected by this storm, makes it through with no or minimal damage!!!! So Flo needs to Go!!! Meanwhile here at the office it's Ella's Birthday next week, she will be on vacation for a week, Lucky Girl, we want to wish her a Big Happy Birthday. She is Frank's first cousin, our onsite Graduate Gemologist and Employee of the week. Ella

Star Garnet

Usually very dark in color, these garnets exhibit four ray asterism (star). 15.41ct measuring 13.5mm

Color Change Garnets

Usually found in smaller sizes, these very unusual garnets change color from a brownish /greenish color in fluorescent light to purplish/reddish color in incandescent light. 1.19ct measuring 9.75 x 4.75mm

Hello, September!!!!

Hello Everyone, Hope y'all had a Lovely Labor Day weekend!!! It is feeling like Fall here already, although the summer is not over, the temps are great here in Georgia, best of all no rain!!!! Sapphires are the Birthstone for September Birthday's. Here at JFG, we have plenty of Sapphires in stock, in all colors, shapes and sizes!!! You can live chat with us, email, look us up on Polygon, Facebook. We have joined the world of instant chat!!! Or you can call us on 1- 800 241 -2165. Dena loves to talk on the phone!!! Hope you all have a Super September!!!

Mozambique Garnet

Mozambique Garnets are almandites with an interesting rosy-orange color. 4.22ct cushion measuring 11.5 x 8.25mm

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