Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet

Originally found in North Carolina, these regal beauties are named after the rhododendron flower due to their rosy hues. 8.02ct cushion measuring 13 x 10.25mm

Autumn Hued Hessonite Garnets

Occurring in rich, warm hues of amber gold to whisky to deep cognac, Hessonites are also known as "cinnamon" stone. from top to bottom: 6.40ct round measuring 11mm 2.06cttw matched rounds measuring 6mm 4.09ct square cushion measuring 9 x 9mm

Green Tsavorite Garnet

Evocative of fine emeralds, Tsavorites occur in a range of green from lively grass green to deep, intense green. 3.24ct cushion measuring 9.75 x 7.5mm cushion

Red Almandite Garnet

The traditional red garnet; this large round Almandite is an intense, deep red! 9.47ct round measuring 12.5mm

Rare Demantoid Garnets

More dispersive and brilliant than diamonds, a trio of rare demantoid garnets in a beautiful spring shade of green! Oval: 0.58ct measuring 5.5 x 4.25mm Round Pair: 0.45cttw measuring 3.75mm

It's written in the Stars.

Dena is so funny!! On her drive into work today, her eyes were drawn upwards, a plane had been playing in the skies, making a formation. She took a pic of it, (maybe she thought it was a sign). Our new postcard as been all about Gems for Gents! It reminded her, of an Asterism, on the surface of a blue star sapphire. Sapphire is the gem for September, her mind is always thinking of things and being creative, she is a great source of information. If you ever have questions about colored stones, she is always willing to help!!! Call us for all your colored stone needs!!

Gorgeous August!!

We have had a very happening month - thought we would share the happenings so far! We have had a lot of new cutting come in and the stones are gorgeous; garnets, emeralds, sapphires in all shades of blue, multi-colored sapphires and tourmalines, amongst many others! We have had a birthday - Dena turned....40 something. Happy Birthday Dena!! She does so much for everyone, all the time! She was given a day of relaxation. She is always so busy, let's hope she takes advantage of it!! Also a new arrival; baby Jax was born 8-8-18 - a cool birthday don't you think? Grand baby # 3 for Glam Ma Kate. Y'all have a wonderful rest of August! It's still summer, so enjoy it! Send in those catalog reques

Rare Peach Malaya Garnet

Beautiful trio of diamond cut peach-hued Malaya garnets! Center: 1.11ct measuring 6.25mm Sides: 0.76cttw measuring 4.25mm

Mint Green Grossularite

Beautiful, clean and BRIGHT in a very desirable mint shade of green! 2.26ct cushion measuring 7.5 x 6.75mm

Just browsing!!!! A day away from the office!!!

Ella checking out cool finds, a day in lives of the JFG team, not all work and no play!! Dena, Ella and Frank browsing at the Franklin, NC Gem Show. it's not all work and no play!!! Taking time to enjoy time away from the office. Dena's son Nick, as a sense of humor, he liked to make faces in the plates of stones!!!!

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