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-November Birthstone

-Topaz occurs in nearly every color but is best known for the yellow, orange, and blue varieties
-Some of the most popular are Sky, Swiss, and London blue
-All blue topaz is treated to enhance or create its blue color
-Topaz is relatively hard but is fragile and requires special care
-Blue topaz is designated for the 4th wedding anniversary, golden topaz is designated for the 17th and imperial topaz is designated for the 23rd
-Symbolizes fidelity
Topaz comes in nearly every color, but is perhaps best known for its yellow, orange, and blue specimens. The blue topaz-Sky, Swiss, and London varieties in particular-are very popular in jewelry today, and all of the blue-colored topaz is treated to enhance or create its blue color. While topaz is a relatively hard stone, rated 8 on the Mohs scale, it is not tough. Very light blows can break topaz. Steam and ultrasonic cleaning should be avoided. Topaz is found in Brazil, Nigeria, the U.S., Pakistan, Russia, and Mexico. Advise customers to avoid rough handling and sudden temperature changes.
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