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-Tanzanite is a rare and very popular violet blue stone from Tanzania.

-Tanzanite is rated 6-7 on the Mohs Scale.
-Use tanzanite as an alternate birthstone for December and to celebrate the 24th wedding anniversary.
-Avoid harsh cleaners and acids to keep your tanzanite looking great for generations.
-Pleochroism is quite pronounced in tanzanite, so it can break easily if hit in just the right way.
Tanzanite is a rare, very popular gemstone with a distinctive blue to violet blue color. This blue version of zoisite was discovered in 1967 and introduced to the world as tanzanite in a Tiffany & Co. promotional campaign in 1969. Surely, tanzanite’s penetrating blue color is the reason for its popularity—it makes the gem at once edgy and elegant. Tanzanite is designated for the 24th wedding anniversary and can be used as an alternate birthstone for December. Because of limited availability and consumer demand, expect premium prices on high-quality tanzanite, especially in larger stones. With proper care tanzanite jewelry makes excellent heirloom pieces. Just be sure to keep the stones away from acids and harsh cleaners and protect them from sharp blows or sudden temperature changes.
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