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-July Birthstone

-Well-known member of the corundum group
-Typically cut into faceted stones or cabachons
-Sometimes demonstrate asterism (star effect)
 -Routinely heated to eliminate brown or purple overtones and to improve clarity (a stable treatment)
-Designated for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries
-Symbolizes contentment
Ruby is a popular and well-known member of the corundum group. The easily recognized, red July birthstone is said to bring good luck in love to whoever wears it. Rubies are typically cut into faceted stones or cabochons and sometimes demonstrate asterism, usually with a six-ray star, yielding an interesting variety known as star ruby. Rubies are routinely heated to eliminate brown or purple overtones and to improve clarity. The treatment is stable for all practical purposes. Rubies possess excellent toughness and a hardness rating of 9, so they are safe for everyday wear and can be cleaned with any of the following methods: steam, ultrasonic, or soap and water. Major sources for rubies are Thailand, Burma, Kampuchea, Sri Lanka, and Kenya.
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