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-Pearls form inside mollusks and vary in shape and color based on the animal that creates them.
-Pearl pricing depends on the smoothness of a pearl’s surface, the desirability of its color and the luster it possesses.
-Avoid using perfume and hairspray while wearing pearl jewelry because those chemicals can dull pearls’ luster.
Unlike gemstones, which form deep in the earth, pearls are created by living organisms. Oysters are the well-known sources for pearls, but many mollusks can produce them. The color and shape of a pearl is influenced by the animal that created it. Naturally-formed pearls are rare but the art of culturing—using a bit of science to encourage the natural process—makes pearls readily available to the consumer market. Pearl prices are based on the overall appearance of the pearl: color, luster and the smoothness of the pearl’s surface. Both freshwater and marine pearls make timeless jewelry gifts, and JFG has a wide selection of beautiful loose pearls and strands to choose from.
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