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-October Birthstone

-Known for its fabulous play-of-color
-Opals have long been the center of myth and legend - more
-Several varieties are available including: white, black and mexican fire opal
-Opals are fragile and require a special, caring hand
-Designated for the 14th wedding anniversary
-Symbolizes hope
Known for its fabulous play-of-color, Opal, the October birthstone, has long been the center of myth and legend. In the past, the color changes may have signified special powers or a sign from heaven, but today they signify immense beauty and intrigue. Opals are widely recognized stones that offer several varieties. Traditional opals demonstrate their color change in a lightly colored body, while black opals, a rare variety, show their spectacular play-of-color against a dark body color. Mexican fire opals are yet another unusual variety that range from yellow to orange to red in body color, with or without the internal fire opals are known for. Remember to inform customers of opal's fragility and special care instructions. Stones should not be exposed to rough handling, chemicals, or sudden temperature changes. Opals should only be cleaned a slightly damp or dry cloth.
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