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-Kunzite is pink, gem-quality spodumene.

-The stone was named after George Kunz.
-The characteristic pink color of kunzite is best expressed in larger stones.
-Consumers who enjoy kunzite should use special care to ensure a lifetime of beauty from their stones: avoid sudden temperature changes, long exposure to bright light and sharp blows.
Kunzite’s delicate pink color pairs wonderfully with today’s highly feminine fashions. With such fashionable qualities, it seems fitting that kunzite was named after George Kunz, the renowned gemologist from Tiffany & Co. The gem, composed of spodumene, is a 7 on the Mohs Scale but possesses distinct cleavage that requires care in protecting the stone from sharp blows. One should also protect kunzite from heat and long exposure to bright light since the color may fade over time. Nonetheless, kunzite’s one-of-a-kind coloring makes it worth this extra care. Look for larger, well-cut stones to see kunzite’s best color.
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