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-January Birthstone

-Some varieties may exhibit asterism (star effect) or chatoyancy (tiger eye effect)
-Almandite Garnet is designated for the 2nd wedding anniversary. Rhodolite and Tsavorite Garnet are designated for the 1st and 19th wedding anniversaries, respectively
-Represents faith, constancy and truth
Garnet, the January birthstone, comes in every color of the rainbow, except blue, but is commonly known by the public as a deep red or orangish-red gem. Some varieties of garnet exhibit asterism or chatoyancy, although these phenomena are rare. Garnets that may be of special interest to the public are Rhodolite or Tsavorite garnets, designated for the 5th and 12th wedding anniversaries, respectively. The second wedding anniversary is also celebrated with garnet, the gem of faith, constancy, and truth. Garnets possess a hardness of 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale of one to ten and are fair to good in toughness. They are mined in Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil, India, and Madagascar. When dealing with garnets, one should avoid abrupt temperature changes and ultrasonic or steam cleaning.
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