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-May Birthstone

-Used for faceted stones, cabachons, and carvings
-Fine quality emeralds are limited in supply
-Often oiled to hide inclusions, improve transparency and deepen color
-Inclusions are acceptable in emeralds
-Be careful not to expose emeralds to high heat, rough handling or chemicals
-Designated for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries
-Symbolizes love and success
Emerald, May's birthstone, is a member of the beryl family. Emeralds are used for faceted stones, cabochons, and carvings. Fine quality emeralds are limited in availability and require some special care. Often times emeralds are oiled to hide flaws, improve transparency, and sometimes deepen their color. It is important to remember that inclusions are acceptable in emeralds; stones with intense green color and few or no inclusions command very high prices. One should not expose emeralds to heat, rough handling, chemicals, steam cleaning, or ultrasonic cleaning. Major sources for the stone include Columbia, Zambia, and Brazil.
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