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-A cousin to amethyst, citrine is the yellow to orange version of quartz.

-Citrine may be used as an alternate birthstone for November.
-Crisp, autumn coloring and relative affordability make citrine an excellent seasonal promotion.
-Avoid steam cleaning because all quartz is sensitive to high heat and abrupt temperature changes.
Citrine is a precious variety of quartz. As its name suggests, citrine colors range from yellow to orange and orangey red. The darker colored stones are known as Madeira Citrine and have classically been more valuable than their lighter counterparts. However, more recent trends reveal that the lighter colored stones are gaining popularity with modern consumers seeking to add freshness and variety to their jewelry collections. No matter the specific shade, citrine is affordable and can stand up to daily wear. Some citrine on the market comes from poor-quality amethyst that was heat treated to produce citrine. This process is acceptable in the industry but can be a reminder that the stone is sensitive to heat. Therefore, steam cleaning, sudden temperature changes and long exposure to bright light should be avoided. Citrine may be used as an alternate birthstone for November.
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