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-December Birthstone

-Availability is somewhat limited
-Classified as high, medium or low type; most common types are high and medium.
-Became popular during the Victorian era
 -Often heat treated but the process is usually stable
-Designated for the 10th wedding anniversary
-Symbolizes prosperity
Zircon is limited in availability but comes in a vast array of colors. Blue Zircon became popular during the Victorian era, and jewelry from that time is a major source for large specimens of zircon in today's market. Zircon is usually faceted and has its own cut, the zircon cut, which is a modified round brilliant cut with an extra set of facets around the cutlet. One should avoid handling zircons in a rough manner, as they are poor to fair in toughness. Also avoid ultrasonic and steam cleaning. Zircon are often heat treated but the process is usually stable. Major sources for zircon are Kampuchea, Sri Lanka, and Burma.
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