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-Apatite is a relatively soft, blue or bluish green gemstone composed of phosphates.

-Apatite is a terrific “special interest” stone because it is not well known.
-Funny Fact: human teeth are made of the same material as apatite gems.
Apatite is an attractive blue or bluish green stone available from JFG. It is soft—a 5 on the Mohs Scale—so you must take extra care when using it in jewelry. However, it is worth adding to one's repertoire because of some unusual facts. Apatite is actually the family name for a group of three minerals that generally occur together in varying combinations: fluorine, chlorine and the hydroxl group. It is the most common phosphate material and is found in commercial fertilizers. It is also the material that makes up the bones and teeth of most animals, including humans. Gem quality apatite is quite beautiful, and where else will you find a gemstone with so many "facets?"
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