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-Ametrine is a two-for-one novelty stone made of quartz exhibiting both amethyst and citrine coloring.

-Ametrine is commonly created by heat-treating one side of an amethyst crystal.
-Promote ametrine in interesting pendants during both February and November.
Ametrine is quartz that displays both citrine and amethyst colors in one crystal. Ametrine occurs naturally and is mined in Bolivia. It is also artificially produced by heat-treating a portion of an amethyst. Ametrine makes an interesting fashion statement in pendants and earrings by displaying two colors at one time. It is usually emerald cut so the two colors show half and half on the stone; however, some artistic cutters will play with cuts that show a mix of color throughout. Ametrine, like amethyst and citrine, is appropriate for daily wear but steam cleaning and abrupt temperature changes should be avoided.
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