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-February Birthstone

-Member of the quartz family
-Sometimes demonstrates a hue shift in changing light
-May be gently heated to lighten or remove smoky hues
-Abrupt heat changes may create citrine or green quartz
-Designated for the 6th wedding anniversary
-Represents sincerity
Amethyst is an abundant gemstone and a well-recognized member of the quartz family. Sometimes amethyst demonstrates a slight shift in hue when subjected to light changes; it may appear more bluish purple in daylight and more reddish purple in incandescent light. Mined in Brazil, Uraguay, and Namibia, amethyst may be gently heated in order to lighten or remove smoky hues from its color. However, abrupt heat changes can create citrine or green quartz. Because of amethyst's sensitivity to heat, steam cleaning should be avoided. Amethyst has a hardness rating of 7 and good toughness.
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